I offer Body-Centered and Movement-Based Psychotherapy, Early Attachment Work, and Hypnotherapy in Boulder, Colorado. If you’re ready to finally, fully be free -- welcome.

  • Un-Stuck, For Good

    Let go of limiting patterns and discover a world of effortless, joyful self-
    actualization. My holistic, experiential approach offers deep, lasting transformation.

  • Fierce Optimist, At Your Service

    I’m passionate about creating sustainable change. I studied over a dozen modalities until I finally found it. Along the way, I gathered loads of tools, techniques -- and adventures.

  • Not Your Mother’s Therapy

    Tired of telling your stories? Good! We might break out a slinky, bark like dogs, or stage a convo between your adrenals and kidneys. Deep change is embodied, spontaneous, and creative.