Somatic Therapy Focusing on Early Attachment

All of you life experiences are stored in your body. Yes, believe it or not, your CELLS actually have memory! (If you want to learn more about this concept, see the bodies of work by Candace Pert).  By accessing the body and therefore the memories, we allow for more information and greater understanding of our issues.  This then enables room for sustainable change and satisfaction.


How does Somatic Psychotherapy Work?

Somatic Psychotherapy The Painful Merry Go RoundSomatic Psychotherapy achieves results by exploring the problems that you are struggling to resolve and looking at the connection between the narrative of these problems and history behind them. Concurrently, we look at the level of physical tension (or lack thereof) in your body, your breathing (again, or lack thereof),  physical sensations, and prosity (or how you are speaking). All of these ingredients affect our attitude and/or perspective without us even being aware of it! The lack of awareness is what keeps us going ’round and ’round on our painful merry-go-round.

I support you in developing greater awareness of these connections between your body/mind in the moment. With this evolving awareness, it may be appropriate to use Educative Touch to further examine “bodily-held stories”, and how these are stored within the body. This may include exploring any existing injury or emotionally based trauma. Educative Touch is simply that–it is touch used only to further your therapeutic knowledge and healing. It is ALWAYS done with your prior knowledge, understanding and consent. Educative Touch can give you the awareness you need to get off that merry-go-round and feel unencumbered and finally FREE!

Your body is a miracle of healing. Sometimes you just need someone to help you unlock the doors and light the way. You have everything you need to heal you. You may not THINK you have it, but you do. We just need to help you bring it out. Once you do, you will feel alive, more creative, at peace and a better understanding of your true, authentic self.

My clients who do this work rave about:

  • Feeling empowered, at peace, and joyful
  • Discovering a new orientation towards pleasure, ease, and satisfaction
  • Dissolving limiting patterns in relationships and self-talk
  • Feeling freer, lighter, and more like the true self they’ve been waiting for
  • Enjoying deeper, more meaningful and satisfying connections
  • Getting to know themselves through and through

Sessions may include talking, embodied movement, and a hefty dose of ah ha’s. We discover patterns of belief, movement, and emotion. We uncover lasting issues stemming from birth trauma, early attachment, and more. We laugh, crawl, observe, and transform. I also suggest simple exercises to maintain and deepen your progress between sessions.

Transform Your Life

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