Imagine being un-stuck for good.

Fully present. Fully engaged.

Fully, uniquely, weird ‘n wonderfully you.

Maybe you’ve done deep work already and found that it helped, but only for awhile. Maybe you’ve seen progress in some areas of your life, but others remain chronically stuck. Patterns in your relationships, career, and inner world keep popping up.

I can relate. I spent years studying, training, and exploring — looking for that magic modality to help my clients (and me!) unravel the knots we’re tangled in. I’d run into the limitations of one modality and bulldoze through them to another approach: I knew sustainable change was possible!

After a sh*t ton (and that’s a technical term) of study and practice, I’ve finally created my own approach to personal transformation.

And it rocks.

By going to the source of our patterns, we can retrain our nervous system — and experience more freedom with less effort. The process is safe, deep — and sometimes even silly!

I use a combination of embodied movement, talk therapy, energetic work, and empowering education. But wait! There’s more! You also get this pair of Ginsu knives! No, but seriously, there IS more. We use props like stuffed animals (yep, not kiddin’), slinkies (remember those??), hoses, toys, and pillows. We sit, lay, crawl, bounce, jump, run, push, pull, and even sometimes wrestle! Regardless of what we use and/or do, every session is unique — just like you.

Whether your challenges are relational, physical, or personal, we’ll create a plan to get you liberated and in love with your life — for good.

How’s it work? We’ll get together and talk about your goals, challenges, and patterns. I’ll customize the very best combination of techniques for your healing journey. Here are some of the tools in my belt:

PACT Couples Counseling in Boulder – I am a PACT trained, relationship therapist. Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT) is a revolutionary approach to couples work. PACT is a fusion of attachment theory, arousal regulation, and developmental neuroscience. Heal your relationship in just 6 days! Yes, you heard right – just 6 days.  Learn How.

Somatic Therapy Focusing on Early Attachment – By accessing the body and therefore the memories, we allow for more information and greater understanding of our issues.  This then enables room for sustainable change and satisfaction. Get off the painful merry-go-round!

Hypnotherapy in Boulder – I use hypnotherapy to treat a variety of psychological symptoms including PTSD, Phobias, Anxiety, Relationship Issues and more. Get help now.

Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression – Past Life Regression is a specialized type of hypnotherapy that accesses past lives and allows us to release stuck energies. A Life Between Lives Regression is a Past Life Regression session and beyond where you will meet your Spirit Guide and journey throughout the Spiritual Realm. Clients who have been through these session report having a more in-depth understanding of themselves and how they came to be who they are today. Go back in time and get answers.

Clinical Supervision for Registered Therapists – I offer clinical supervision to therapists in the Boulder area. Whether you are just starting out, or you have been practicing for many years, I can help you achieve breakthrough results and get unstuck with clients and within yourself. Get your blind spots checked and take your clinical skills to the next level.

You truly can break free, into a new world of ease, joy, and purpose. I’d be honored to support your journey.

Contact me to discuss the possibilities of working together — and to schedule a free, 15-minute phone consult.