Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression is a specialized type of hypnotherapy that accesses past lives and allows us to release stuck energies.

Through a guided journey into previous lifetimes, clients may gain a much clearer understanding of the roles of various influences in their present lives. Such as:

  • People – Particularly those closest to you or those that drive you crazy
  • Experiences – Particularly those that are the most painful and profound ones
  • Interests – Those that are the most satisfying and fulfilling

Through past life regression you can experience physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Depression, anxiety, and fears may disappear forever. Questions or yearnings that you have had forever can be answered.  Physical pain, of unknown origin, may significantly subside or disappear.

Sometimes our patterns, health, and overall quality of life are influenced by unresolved issues from past lives. We carry charged emotional events, contracts, and physical issues as unconscious material that affects us in a variety of ways.

“My past life regression session was a completely surprising, inspiring, and profound experience.  I re-lived a right-of-passage in a former life as an adolescent member of an Amazonian tribe (wow!).  This past life was very relevant to my current life because it is now time for my present self to go through a right-of-passage too, so to speak.  This experience gave me more confidence that since I have taken a giant leap before, I can do it again.  I can’t wait to do another session sometime!” -MK

Past Life Regression Session in a Nutshell

  1. We talk about what clients are seeking
  2. Clients are guided into a hypnotic state
  3. They are guided to a place where all of their past lives reside
  4. Clients are drawn to a specific door, beyond which is the past life that is affecting their life today
  5. We do an in-depth exploration of that past life
  6. Clients are then guided to the gateway to the spiritual realm where they can talk to their Spirit Guide
  7. Then we begin our journey back home

Does Past Life Regression Work?

Do you experience fears or physical ailments that have no basis in your current life. Do experience feelings of Deja Vu? Are you curious about things in your life that may have a connection to previous lives. If you would like a better understanding of yourself and your current circumstances past life regression could be the answer.

If you can connect things going on in your life today with past life events, often those things will be resolved or disappear.

Past Life Regression sessions are 2 hours.

Life Between Lives Soul Regression 

Between Lives Soul Regression includes and transcends Past Life Soul Regression. Clients meet their “soul group,” Spirit Guides, and their Council of Elders: the wise, evolved souls overseeing your individual soul-progress and incarnations.

Benefits of these sessions often include:

  • Resolution of karmic “contracts”
  • Relief from inexplicable chronic ailments
  • Better understanding of life circumstances and choices
  • Deeper capacity for love, compassion, and forgiveness
  • Discovery of life purpose
  • Experience of peace, joy, and acceptance
  • Deepened sense of wholeness, perfection, and wonder at life.

Life Between Lives sessions are 4 1/2 hours and require a previous past life regression session with me.

Contact me to learn more about them and how they can support your journey.