In our dynamic, experiential sessions, we move through deep exploration, body-centered exercises, and education.

Translation: we might talk, crawl, stomp, yowl, cry, and move like crazy people. It’s weird and fantastic and, most of all, effective.

I’ve woven together wisdom and techniques from over a dozen modalities. Running through all this multifaceted tapestry are a number of essential threads. These principles guide everything I do …

Trust your body’s wisdom ~

Our bodies have an intelligence beyond what our minds can comprehend. Our memories, traumas, relationships, and beliefs all live in there! Tapping into that intelligence opens the door to a new, rewarding type of learning that changes lives. We realize: It really doesn’t have to be so hard! (Ahhhh.)

You are already whole ~

I’m not here to “fix” you. I simply help you let go of the veils making you forget that deep satisfaction, joy, pleasure, and intimate connection are your birthright. Sure, it feels like healing — but it’s really remembering and tracing a solid path you can follow back to your innate wholeness again, again, again.

Stop being a Grumpasaurus Rex ~

Often, we take ourselves so seriously! Deep healing work is serious stuff — but making it too solemn can hinder your progress. I bring a light-hearted, playful element to sessions that helps clients let go of their stuck-ness, access creative spontaneity, and laugh at themselves. ‘Cuz come on — we humans do funny things. Right?

Let Imagination Lead the Exploration ~

Imagination’s the doorway to deeper awareness and embodied transformation. I ask clients to do unexpected things. Like squeeze your liver from the inside. Or sing like your Resistance. Or walk from your kidneys. Clients say things like, “I can feel a big change in my body, but my mind can’t quite make sense of it!” This is a shift in perception, and comes from the body informing the brain (rather than the usual learning style, where the brain tries to inform the body). It’s precisely this body-based learning that leads to lasting, profound change! We’ll explain it all to your brain later, I promise. But first, I’ll guide you to deeper awareness of your nervous system and felt sensation — back to the underpinnings of who you are.

Things are usually really simple ~

But there’s a difference between simple and easy. I’ll show you the simplest (=most effective and efficient) ways to create change that lasts.

In-the-moment flow trumps cookie-cutter protocol ~

Every session is individualized and unique. At heart, this work is about remaining connected — to each other, to ourselves, and to the moment. So we collaborate, improvise, and play together. By sticking with you in the moment, I show you how to do the same for yourself.

You are wired for health ~

We’re creatures of habit. Unfortunately, we often link odd things with survival (like not getting our needs met). Part of what I do is help you un-link what’s not serving you, so you can live with more fluidity, honesty, and freedom. The path towards healing is natural and ease-ful, because it’s where we innately long to be. Your body, subconscious, and neurobiology all get on board and cheer you on!

Connection is key ~

We’re created through relationship; in the womb, we live in relationship; being human is forged and expressed in relationship. I keep you present, engaged, and connected in our sessions, and stick with you every step of the way. Your body’s “social engagement system” is the smartest, smoothest way to heal trauma and rewire the brain for wellness, depth, and intimacy.

We must go beyond the conscious mind ~

Talk therapy provides limited results because it only addresses the 10% of our mind that’s conscious. By addressing more — including the subconscious, the neurobiological, the interpersonal, and the body — we open up new worlds of possibility.

Movement is our first language ~

We are 3-dimensional creatures, interacting with our environment through movement. (Arms flailing, legs walking, head bobbing to that funky music…) By directly addressing how the body moves through space, bringing mindfulness and intelligence to it, deep patterns emerge to be healed … and the rest comes by itself.


This isn’t your mother’s psychotherapy.

Clients walk out of my office saying things like, “Huh. Wow. That was weird and unexpected and powerful!”

If you’ve ever chased symptoms around from one modality to another, you’ll love this work. Because that whack-a-mole is over. Gone. Done. By directly addressing your nervous system, we tackle the root of your patterns. We reset your pathways to resolve issues — not merely chase them around. Your systems return to their whole, perfect, natural state — and relax. When we come from this place of wholeness, everything in our outer world reflects it. Ease, please!

My sessions are part counseling, part embodied movement therapy, part deep exploration, and part education. They’re profound and playful — and promise no less than lasting, juicy transformation.


Ready to feel free? Really, truly, finally, totally?

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